In the summer of 2016, TAIGER Functional Sportswear (or TAIGER) was founded by two individuals who strive to take control of their lives.
Observing from the outside, TAIGER appears to be a “Sportswear” brand, but its vision is much bigger than producing functional garments.
Before each innovative creation, we always dig deep and never forget the “why” in everything we do.
The world does not need another sportswear brand, we know that…we need a brand which has the ability to fuse aesthetics and technical functions into garments - in our way.
Combing both aesthetics and top-tier functional materials, we not only challenge ourselves in the creation process, but also redefine the existing idea of sportswear.
We operate under many core principles which can all be reduced to one simple sentence:
[ We want to make your life better, even just a little bit. ]

[ 邀請你一起打造屬於台灣的驕傲 ]